Introducing myself properly

Dear Visitor, welcome to my website!

I’m Enikő (yes, that’s my first name) Dávid, Pilates instructor, personal trainer and something you may call a fitness blogger.

Dávid EnikőThis webpage (well, mostly in Hungarian) is to show the details of my activity as fitness professional, and to get a glipse about my mission regarding healthy lifestyle and well-being. I’m mostly known as the author of the Pilates blog, which was originally dedicated to my beloved Pilates method, but soon extended into an educative blog about the world of sports and fitness, our body, and of course my open opinion about the most common topics and myths regarding any physical activity and eating habits. This blog can be visited here:

For starters, I’ve never been a sporty kid myself, preferred reading in an unhealthy posture, and the lack of passion originated from the old-fashioned PE classes. (You never stood a chance with the bones of a bird and without the courage to  jump over anything tall or heavy.) In my twenties, first time in my life, I had the possibility to choose among fitness activities. It was a huge relief, I can tell. As soon as it became crystall clear to me, what a huge added value it is in my life, I decided I was ready to pass this commitment and lifestyle to others.


Pilates Instructor: AFPA (American Fitness Professionals and Associates) international certificate
Personal Fitness Trainer: AFPA (American Fitness Professionals and Associates) international certificate
National Training Register accredited fitness instructor in fitness-bodybuilding


Pilates, especially:

mat Pilates: from beginner to advanced level
Pilates with resistance band, magic circle, foam roller
Pilates on fitball and mini Pilates ball
prenatal Pilates (if you are expecting a baby, watch this video)
Pilates for seniors and children


Personal training in a gym or private class

You can contact me here.

My mission

After having decided many years ago that doing something for the physical and mental well-being of others is good for my karma, I’m ready to get them joining the “flock” one by one if necessary. Well, it’s not that complicated to understand the desperate sheep-messages. I’m lame, I’m overweight, I have no time, no will power, no money, and I hate gyms and mosquitos as well. These are the most common excuses. And, of course, the one starting “It hurts!”

Still, there are people who love it. They could testify that it’s great not getting tired climbing the stairs to the third floor (even carrying shopping bags). Feels deliberating to get rid of the daily stress. If we feel completely comfortable in our own skin, and our body is not a prison, but a cozy shell. If we are full of energy, not dropping down like a screwed-up pancake even after a bad day.

If you haven’t met the One yet (or the Ones), don’t give up. There are millions of kind of sports out there, you’ll fall for one of them, sooner or later. Do not let anything get in your way: something’s waiting for you, just start moving!