“Correct posture, healthy spine” home workout

I’m frequently holding a workshop on the topic of “Correct posture, healthy spine”. The workout part of this workshop is available independently from the event itself, but I won’t send you a DVD, wishing good luck with it, you can only have it by participating one private session, while I introduce the exercises to you!


“Correct posture, healthy spine” home workout (25 min.) + 1 private class

  • For those who prefer home workouts due to lack of time or commitment
  • but suffer from back-, lower back-, shoulder pain, spine problems, caused by desk jobs
  • or wish to get some ease on the complaints caused by housework, stay-at-home-mom life.

If you do the workout 2-3 times a week on a regular basis (as much as a mat-fitting place needed), you’ve done a lot against pain already!

The exercises are not suitable for those suffering from serious spine diseases, nor if you have joint inflammation (arthritis) or muscular disease.

You will receive the workout DVD after a one-hour private class, during which we’ll learn the exercises together, along with explanation, correction, necessary personal modifications.

Parts of the workout:

  • warming up
  • exercises for deep back muscles, strenghtening spine stabilizing muscles
  • elements for mobilizing the spine (moving it to different directions)
  • exercises for shoulders and upper back
  • a lot of stretching
  • ab strenghtening, considering that those muscles are essential to building your “core” to stabilize your spine
  • easier or harder versions
  • continuous instructions, proper movement shown from different angles

The package (DVD + 1 private session): 5.000 Ft

Please let me know if you’re interested and I’ll contact you for further details:

Watch the trailer of the DVD! The DVD you receive is in English.

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